Stronger than the City

Hello dear saints!

Here it is, almost mid-November, and I just played my 6th show in New York City. Silvana in Harlem was packed with excellent jazz musicians, and I was honored to be able to playimg_0561 there.

It’s been a little bit of a ride here in the City, but as could be expected, I wouldn’t trade it for anything! (See how crazy happy I am in this shot? Or… maybe just crazy?)

Things I’ve decided at this point:

  • Every musician is really good here
  • Everyone is really encouraging here
  • Everyone appreciates the dream-chasers
  • NYC sucks in the dream-chasers and then laughs as they stumble
  • You just have to be stronger than the City


screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-8-19-53-pmSo, little saints, stick with me. I’ll be booking many more shows in upcoming months, and I invite you to come with me as I develop my sound, feel and presence.

It’s going to be exciting; thank you for being here with me!


St. E