I’m Giving Up My Bday

On September 10th,
you can be part of one of the greatest gifts.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.” – Victor Hugo

 I have never believed more strongly in this statement. You know what it is to be inexplicably joyful, unrelentingly sorrowful, and then – the most beautiful sound arrives at your ear. Your heart leaps, your lips sigh, your nose tingles with unbidden tears… This is the power of music.

This fall, I am traveling to the far off land of the Philippines, a land deep with beautiful people, rich culture, and delicious food. Unfortunately, it is also known for illegal, cruel, and demoralizing human trafficking. On this journey, I will be meeting and teaching girls who are survivors of this horrible injustice, giving them a little more of what they already have – music. Pilipino’s are very musical people, and the girls are so excited! They’ll learn how to read music and how to write their own. I’ll teach them a bit of voice, a bit of composition, and the little guitar I know. We’ll be playing, singing, and worshiping together. And ultimately, they will learn how to use music as a healing art.

The home I will be visiting is with a non-profit organization called Wipe Every Tear. They are currently hosting around 75 girls and women. I am raising funds for a plane ticket, a keyboard for the home, piano books for the girls, a few music stands, and maybe even a second guitar! With 75 girls, you can imagine one guitar and one keyboard would not go far!

On September 10, five days after Labor Day and five days before my birthday, I invite you to be part of this amazing, powerful gift of sound. I will have a link to the fundraiser online, which you may and should share with everyone you know who cares about music, or who cares about girls, or who cares about birthdays, since this is my birthday gift to me, in lieu of gifts!

You may remember this past spring I was organizing a trip with a different NGO, which unfortunately fell through. While anything can happen, please trust I am putting forth every effort to make sure this trip with Wipe Every Tear becomes a reality. You can be part of this reality. You can be part of giving the gift of music to hearts that need it.

Please learn more about the organization HERE, and in the meantime, share this with everyone so we can have a great first fundraising day on September 10th! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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