Eloise, without the U

Hello everyone ūüôā

Any time I meet someone interested in my music, I of course shamelessly suggest they can look me up on line. “I go by St Elouise,” I say.

They dutifully begin typing in their phone. “Hmm… nothing is coming up.”

I knowingly nod. “There’s a ‘U’ in Elouise, did you get that in there?”

“OH! There you are.” They beam and click “like”.

Many moons later, I am still qualifying “St Elouise with a ‘U'” at every show. And after many moons of thinking “I should have made my name without the U. Probably lots of people think they can’t find me.”, I have finally¬†taken the plunge. Pulled the plug. Dropped the other shoe. Thrown the bathwater and held on to the baby, hoping for a growth spurt.

Officially, I will be going by St Eloise, withOUT the U, the way Eloise is typically spelled, the way 99% of my audience tries to spell it. My middle name is Louise, WITH a U, but I feel no part of me is losing out on this deal.

However! I wish dearly to hear back from you about this change! What do you think? Does it bother you? Will you survive the change? Will you still come to shows?? Will you suddenly start spelling Elouise with a U??? Do tell me.

I’m excited and nervous about this. It’s a seemingly small shift, but it’s a name. When names¬†change, it signifies an important moment. So here’s to significant change via a small element! May it be great, and may you continue to be a great part of it!


St E  (without the U)


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